Excisional Surgery 


Surgical excisions are performed on a variety of skin lesions both benign and malignant. Carefully selected biopsy proven basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas that do not require Mohs surgery may often be excised.  For many patients excision of a skin cancer is preferred over destructive methods because the wound heals faster and requires less care and the scar is often more acceptable.

A variety of benign lesions can also often be excised with excellent results including dermatofibromas, epidermal inclusion cysts, pilar cysts, and selected moles.  


Before coming to work with Dr. Barkey in 2010, Heidi Schultz, PAC had ten years of surgical experience all in affiliation with William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Her broad experience includes six years in the Emergency Department, two years of plastic surgery with Dr. Ellen Janetzke in Birmingham, and two years of thoracic surgery.   Heidi has performed well over three thousand surgical excisions including complex procedures on the face, neck, trunk and extremities for Dr. Barkey with superior results.   



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