Acne is a disease that affects most teenagers and many adults.  While some cases are mild, others can be very disfiguring and psychologically distressing.  Fortunately, effective treatment is available. 

At Flint Dermatology and Surgery Center, we tailor our treatment to each patient's individual needs.  For some with non-scarring acne we offer counseling about effective daily skin care as well as the latest prescription topical agents and acne peels. 

For those with deeper lesions especially with scar potential, we offer systemic therapies including hormal therapy for selected women (birth control pills and/or spironolactone)and oral antibiotics. 

For scar potential resistant acne we offer Accutane therapy.  We strive to be cost effective and try to work within each patient's insurance formulary. Working together we can provide safe and effective treatments for even the most stubborn cases.



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